Best VPN for Kodi | Comparison, Pros & Cons: Wondering which VPN to add for Kodi? Here is a complete analysis of the best VPN’s in the world. Kodi is one of the most popular and an open source media player available in the world. It is famous for its user interface and most importantly Kodi is available for Free. Kodi also comes with various add-ons which support many streaming services.

How to Choose Best VPN for Kodi

Kodi is a media player and it streams the content which you choose. As it streams the content, You need Best VPN which gives us fast download speeds to stream the video without any buffers or pauses. If your VPN contains a large web of servers, then it is very useful as you choose one server among the top servers. You should also check the “security” and privacy offered by the VPNs. You should also check whether the VPN is mobile device supported as you might be using Android/iOS platforms.

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Best VPN for Kodi

Here is the list of Best VPN for Kodi which satisfies all the factors needed to listed on top:

1. ExpressVPN

Maximum Devices Supported: 3
Server Locations: 148
Number of Servers: 1800+
IP Addresses: 30,000

Best VPN for Kodi | Comparison, Pros & Cons

ExpressVPN | Best VPN for Kodi

The Express VPN is consistent and super fast. It comes with powerful encryption and it is one of the best VPNs for HD streaming. The ExpressVPN stands tall as a Best VPN especially for its speed, Unblocking, and privacy. It provides you 145 locations across 94 countries. The ExpressVPN comes with very high speed, Bulletproof encryption, and a highly responsive customer support as well.

The ExpressVPN servers are located around the globe with a great range of options available on the famous locations, especially in the U.S. The VPN is available for all the platforms like Windows, MAC, Android, Linus, iOS, and Blackberry as well.


  • Strong on Privacy
  • Consistent high performance
  • Ultra Speed VPN Servers
  • Chrome, Firefox and Safari extensions available


  • A bit expensive than other VPN Providers
  • Supports only 3 connection

2. NordVPN

Maximum Devices Supported: 6
Server Locations: 61
Number of Servers: 2029
IP Addresses: N/A

Best VPN for Kodi | Comparison, Pros & Cons

Nord VPN | Best VPN for Kodi

NordVPN is based on from the Panama which is Privacy Friendly. The NordVPN is a strong all-rounder. The NordVPn service comes out with a very attractive price point. The NordVPN offer you a great value for the pennies you spend. The choice of servers are high and they are impressively long in key primary locations like US, UK, and other European countries.

The NordVPN is highly consistent at high speeds and it is very easy to use with an easy installation. It also shines on the privacy and security front. Most Importantly, it works with the zero logs policy. The mobile applications are little less in features compared to its desktop application. The mobile application lacks a few power setting which is available in the desktop version.


  • Privacy features are brilliant
  • Reliable and fast speed across servers
  • Works up to 6 devices


  • Other security protocols must be activated outside the apps
  • Best servers are too busy during peak time

3. IPVanish

Maximum Devices Supported: 5
Server Locations: 60+
Number of Servers: 950+
IP Addresses: 40,000+

Best VPN for Kodi | Comparison, Pros & Cons

IP Vanish | Best VPN for Kodi

Another VPN which is recognized for its speed and reliability is IPVanish. It was launched in 2012 by the Highwinds Network Group. Later in February 2017, Highwinds Network Group was acquired by Stackpath. The IPVanish is very fast and is used for gaming, file sharing, and streaming. The IPVanish applications are powerful and at the same time, it is a bit hard to use.

The cost of the IPVanish is higher than an average VPN. But IPVanish’s high speeds, choice of locations, and excellent clients are hard to beat. If you are looking for a high-speed VPN provider with great quality, then IPVanish VPN will be the best choice. If you are not happy, then there’s a Seven-day money-back guarantee which you could use as well.


  • Good for P2P applications
  • East to get optimal connections
  • Excellent upload and download speeds


  • No Free trails
  • Short refund period
  • Lacking Customer Support

4. CyberGhost

Maximum Devices Supported: 5
Server Locations: 44
Number of Servers: 1109
IP Addresses: N/A

Best VPN for Kodi | Comparison, Pros & Cons

CyberGhost | Best VPN for Kodi

The CyberGhost is a Fast VPN with advanced Privacy features. It is a Rumanian-based VPN Provider. CyberGhost was originated in the year 2011. Later in March 2017, Crossrider PLC acquired CyberGhost. It is famous for its free plan but this free plan is very restricted as well. The CyberGhost provides you an interesting and much-improved approach to the VPN experience.

The major strength of CyberGhost is its Speed and Performance. CyberGhost is one of the top tier high-performance VPN. It is growing its server network day by day and has covered almost 56 countries currently. It also provides you 24/7 customer support with quick live chat responses and emails as well.


  • No Tracking
  • No Logging
  • Anti-Malware
  • Fast Performance


  • Torrenting not available for US users
  • The browser extension is not available

5. VyprVPN

Maximum Devices Supported: 3-5
Number of Servers: 700+
IP Addresses: 200,000+
Server Locations: 73

Best VPN for Kodi | Comparison, Pros & Cons

VyprVPN | Best VPN for Kodi

The VyprVPN servers are established away from the reach of the United States and European jurisdictions. They are established at the privacy-friendly Switzerland. The VyprVPn comes out with a very strong privacy and great security features making it one of the best VPN. The VyprVPn also features impressive speeds at a few locations like the US.

The VyprVPN app is very simple to use and they are providing a degree of configuration and highly powerful features. The VyprVPN also helps us to select a wide range of locations with the additional option of selecting particular US cities as well. The VyprVPN is also accessible in China which makes it as one of the strong choices for anyone who is affected by great firewall.


  • NAT firewall included
  • Fast Performance
  • Based in Switzerland
  • Value annual plans


  • Premium plans required for best features
  • Logs data for 30 days
  • Monthly plans are dearer

The above article is the Best VPN for Kodi. Thanks for reading the post.

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