Surveys are important for any website. Getting the feedback from the visitors will always help you to develop your website. If you are looking for the Best WordPress Survey Plugins, this article will help you compare and activate the best plugin which suits you.

Why WordPress Survey Plugins?

There are plenty of ways to get feedback from the users. You can add a contact form, create polls or you can also ask the users to leave their comments. Apart from these, by adding a survey in your site, the users will be more engaged to it. There are some factors you should consider for choosing the best plugin. They are,

  1. The Plugin should be easy to use
  2. The survey should look great
  3. It should have the option to embed the survey in your posts
  4. Sharing options
  5. The surveys should be exported properly

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Five Best WordPress Survey Plugins

If a plugin satisfies all the above qualities, then it is considered as one of the best WordPress Survey Plugins. The below are the top five best WordPress Survey Plugins:

1. Opinion Stage

Opinion Stage is one of the best WordPress Survey plugins available online. The plugin comes bundled with a lot of features such as surveys, polls, quizzes, slideshows, forms & story articles in a very interactive way which makes the plugins top our list. Your website readers would love seeing the ratings and results generated by the survey which would eventually increase traffic and business. You can manage everything from the central dashboard provided which will be a lot easier. The initial setup and usage is simple such that any amateur can start using Opinion Stage WordPress Survey Maker within minutes.

Opinion Stage WordPress Plugin

Opinion Stage WordPress Plugin

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The plugins offer most of its features in its free version itself yet it has even more powerful paid version with enhanced customer service and you get help for any query within seconds. The UI is catchy and adapts to screen of any size as they are optimized for phones, tablets, etc. The Opinion Stage plugin is an all-around package and a must try plugin.

2. WPForms

WPForms is the best survey forms available on the market. It has plenty of options which you could utilize to make your survey the best one. WPForms allow you to create many beautiful contact forms, payment forms, subscription forms and many other types of forms in just a few minutes.

Five Best WordPress Survey Plugins

WP Forms | Five Best WordPress Survey Plugins

They give their customers the first priority. It is one of the best beginners friendly plugin available in the market. The WPForms are 100% mobile responsive. Your forms will look great on all platforms like mobile, tablet, laptops and desktops. It is highly optimized for web and server performance as well. It is one of the fastest WordPress contact form plugin available.

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3. Polldaddy

The Polldaddy plugin allows you to create, edit and manage polls within your WordPress dashboard. Polldaddy gives a user-friendly interface with easy options to embed the polls and surveys into your web posts. You can create polls, and then choose a style from 20 different styles available.

Five Best WordPress Survey Plugins

Polldaddy | Five Best WordPress Survey Plugins

The Polldaddy polls are fully customizable and you can also set the close date for your poll. You can create multiple polls and display the results separately. There is an option to embed the polls on other websites as well. There are plenty of options available which you wouldn’t have expected in it.

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4. Gravity Forms

One of the oldest WordPress form plugins is Gravity Forms which feature many add-ons which include one to create surveys. Gravity forms are very easy to use and it allows you to create any kind of form using the form builder. The form builder contains many common form fields which included a survey field as well.

Five Best WordPress Survey Plugins

Gravity Forms | Five Best WordPress Survey Plugins

Once the survey is completed, you can view the results inside the admin area. There are no charts or graphs available. You can export the survey results to a CSV file and display the results on the website by using a WordPress tables plugin. Gravity forms are not free. To access the survey addon, you need to buy at least the Elite Plan.

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5. WP-Polls

WP-Polls provides the user with a simple poll to participate. As a site builder, if you are looking for an easy poll for your users to participate, then WP-Polls is the best option available. It doesn’t have any form builder to get the responses, You should use only the radio buttons or the checkboxes to collect the responses and thus making the response quite limited.

Five Best WordPress Survey Plugins

WP-Polls | Five Best WordPress Survey Plugins

Once the survey or the polls are completed by the users, they can automatically see the results as well. The WP-Polls also saves the user responses as well. Thus, showing the results of the registered users whenever they log in again. For the non-registered users, the WP-Polls gets the users IP address and by doing this, you can easily filter out the duplicate votes.

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Thanks for reading the post! Please comment other Survey plugins which you felt simple as well.

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