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How to Apply for Google Adsense: Google Adsense is an advertising network owned by Google which allows bloggers and website owners to earn money for displaying images, texts and other interactive advertisements on their website. By using the Google Adsense, you can be safe and need not worry about payments. Google administrators are maintaining a good relationship with the advertisers, they get the payment from them, take the maintenance fee and deposit the remaining in your account. Here is the procedure on How to apply for Google Adsense?

Prerequisites for applying Google Adsense

  • Your website should be at least 6 months active
  • It should contain high-quality contents
  • The website should contain Privacy Policy, About Us and Contact Us page
  • It should contain a good number of posts
  • The content should be useful and unique (It should not be a duplicate content)
  • It should be properly aligned and formatted with proper headings and bulleted lists
  • The content should be free grammar and spelling mistakes
  • Check whether your site passes the Google Program Policies

How to apply for Google Adsense

Once your website passes all the above prerequisites, you can apply for Google Adsense by following the below steps:

Step 1: Search for Adsense in google and click on

Step 2: Click Sign Up Now button

How to Apply for Google Adsense

AdSense Homepage | How to Apply for Google Adsense

Step 3: Enter the Website URL and Email Address. You can click “Yes” if you need Google Adsense help info or else click “No“. Then, click save and continue

How to Apply for Google Adsense

Enter Details & Sign Up | How to Apply for Google Adsense

Step 4: Login to your email address

Step 5: Read the Adsense Program Policies and check the “Yes, I’ve read and accept the agreement” and then click Continue to AdSense

How to Apply for Google Adsense

Program Policies and Agreement | How to Apply for Google Adsense

Step 6: Click Get Started

How to Apply for Google Adsense

Getting Started with AdSense | How to Apply for Google Adsense

Step 7: Enter your payment address details and click submit

Step 8: You will get the Adsense code. Copy the Adsense code and place it on your website. Click here to know on “How to Add Adsense Code on Your Website

How to Apply for Google Adsense

Ad Code Format

Step 9: Google will analyze your website and If your website satisfies the Google Policies, the ad will be approved.

Step 10: It might take up to 48 hours for Google to Analyse and approve the Adsense for your site

Once the Adsense gets approved, You can place various ads on your site and easily Monetize your WebsiteThanks for reading this post! Comment your queries.