If you are a beginner and if you want to build a website with Joomla then this article is completely yours. Joomla is so versatile that it fits everyone perfectly from beginners to enterprise professionals. Joomla is so powerful that if you can use it to the fullest, then you will have a website that is very fast, efficient and beautiful. Joomla website setup is a bit tedious if you are a beginner, to be frank. But you don’t have to worry as this Joomla Quick setup will take you through easy steps of Joomla website setup.

joomla website setup

joomla website setup

Joomla setup is no way different from other website platforms. Get along the following steps to install Joomla and setup your website.

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#1 Choose your Domain Name

The first and foremost thing, to begin with, is a domain name. Domain name is the primary element of your website irrespective of your website platform. The domain name will have a straight connection to the SEO, rankings and the impression to the visitors towards your site.

Keep in mind that a Domain name should be:

  • Simple
  • Easily rememberable
  • Ending with .com, .net or .org

#2 Choose your Web Hosting Service

The very next step after choosing your domain name is to get a web hosting service. Here are some points that you should consider before getting a web hosting service.

1. Uptime

The Uptime should be usually as higher as possible. As this has a direct impact on your SEO, it is always advisable to choose a hosting service which has an uptime between 99.90% and 99.99%.

2. Page Load Time / Page Load Speed

On contrary with the above, the site load time should be as lesser as possible. Load time lesser than 500ms is always considered.

3. Customer Support

You may be an expert in website setup, but there may be situations where you need the support person to help you out. So have in mind to choose a web hosting that has an active customer support.

#3 Install Joomla

Nowadays every website provider ease the job of installation with a process call ‘One-click installation’. Joomla is no way different, it also has that easy one-click installation for you to take control your site within minutes.

The setting for this is present somewhere in the control panel which the provider will mail you after purchase. It will have a lot of options to use which will leave you confused. See below the quick installation guide to install Joomla.

#3 Joomla Quick installation

If you had a good hosting provider you would see the Joomla Icon and name in the control panel. And after that,

  • Clcik on the Joomla icon
  • Click the domain name in which you want to install Joomla
  • Click ‘Install’

It is so simple as that unless you find the Joomla icon and the quick installation in the control panel. So start using your website with Joomla.

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If you don’t find the quick installation button on your control panel then you have no other option to install it manually. Comment below your reviews and queries on the Joomla Website Setup.