The theme on your website may be outdated or no longer suit your requirement and so you will have to replace it with a new one. This article completely guides you through various steps and methods through which you can uninstall or delete WordPress theme on your website. It is a very easy task to uninstall a WordPress theme and you can do that within minutes. Having the themes updated on your website is so important as they become the vulnerable points for your website’s security,

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How to Delete WordPress Theme from WordPress Admin Dashboard

  • Firstly login to your WordPress website and navigate to Appearance > Themes. You will see the list of themes on your site listed.
  • You will see the currently activated theme highlighted with a black banner along with the customize button.
Delete WordPress Theme

Delete WordPress Theme

  • Hover over the active theme to get the option ‘Theme Details’. And hovering over the remaining themes will throw options like ‘Theme Details’, ‘Activate’, and ‘Live Preview‘.
  • You cannot delete a theme that is active. Before deleting a theme make sure that the theme is not active.
  • Hover over the theme and click Theme Details, a new window pop up appears along with the theme details.
Delete WordPress Theme

Delete WordPress Theme

  • A Delete button in red text is present in the right bottom of the window.
  • Click the delete button to delete the theme permanently off your website’s database.

Note: Do not delete the default WordPress themes as you can use them as an alternative theme solution if needed. Also, WordPress will keep them updated from security issues so it should not cause any harm to your website.

How to Delete WordPress Theme using FTP

Using the FTP access to your site offered by your cPanel or by any other software, log in to your FTP manager and locate to wp-content/themes. It is the location where the WordPress theme files are usually stored. Find the folder with the theme name you want to delete as it usually has the theme’s name on it and Delete it. You have successfully deleted the theme from your WordPress database.

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That’s it. Hope this article helped you out in deleting unwanted themes from your WordPress website clearing up some space on your site. comment below if you have anything to share.with us.