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The sidebar below content error in WordPress is one of the minor issues that happen on your site due to the HTML or CSS error. And due to this error, you could see the sidebar suddenly appears below the content and it looks awkward. Nothing to worry as this error can be easily fixed, just follow the steps below in this article to get rid of this sidebar below content Error from your site.

How to Fix Sidebar Below Content Error in WordPress

How to Fix Sidebar Below Content Error in WordPress

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Causes of this Sidebar Below Content Error

You may be working on an important edit on your site and suddenly noticing the sidebar off to your main content area. This occurs due to any small error on your WordPress website.

  • In the HTML code on your website’s theme, there might be a div tag that hasn’t been closed.
  • You might need to delete those extra <div> or </div> tag on the code.
  • In the theme’s style.css file, there may be disproportionate values being entered in the height and width setting for an element. This causes the layout to shift and collapse.
  • The float property might be used incorrectly or not at all.
  • A WordPress plugin could cause this in rare cases.
  • Previous theme settings could incompatible with your new theme.

How to Fix Sidebar Below Content Error?

As mentioned earlier, the most common cause for this error is an unclosed div element on the page. Also, there might be an extra div element on the page, making it confusing for your theme that your sidebar is outside the wrap element. Let us see how to troubleshoot this if this error is happening to you only on specific pages or posts. Review the things that you have recently changed on your site. It may be

  • Adding to deleting a Plugin
  • HTML changes
  • Check for div blocks
  • Proper opening and closing of blocks

If you are working on a custom theme, then this could most probably happen to you. Check for the width ratio, if you have an improper width ratio, then things might change to keep things proportional. Make sure you have added float: left; and float: right to the elements that are not in order.

After you have found the file where the problem exists, then start by fixing it using FTP, SSH or directly in cPanel. Use the File Manager to edit and find the missing or insufficient div tag. Save the file once you have made the changes. If you have downloaded the file via FTP then upload the file after making the changes and overwrite it with the previous one. If you find that the problem is with a plugin, contact its developer to come up with a solution for you so that they can fix this in their future updates if many of the users are facing the same error. If you have used a plugin to make HTML or CSS customizations, check back to where you have made the changes and correct them.

Tool to Fix this WordPress Sidebar Error?

If you are not experienced enough to handle your site’s HTML and CSS, there are plenty of tools online to scan your code to check for errors.



These sites will help you find errors and also provide you with the relevant solution for the error.

Hope this article helped you in getting rid of the sidebar below content error in your website.