Top 10 VPN Services | Pros & Cons: Virtual Private Network (VPN) helps everyone to stay safe and secure online and it also keeps your private stuffs safe as it is private. There are plenty of VPNs out there and you will be confused about what to choose. The VPNs should be reliable and safe. It should give us the privacy we need. Another important factor is the speed. VPNs should be faster like using our Normal devices.

What is VPN?

VPN (Virtual Private Network) is to create a secure, safe and an encrypted connection between your PC (Any devices) and the server operated by the Virtual Private Network service. In professional terms, If you are working at your home or outdoor, then you will be connected to a server which makes your network as an office network.

Top 10 VPN Services | Pros & Cons

What is VPN?

Whenever you are connected to a VPN, whatever you surf or work on the internet goes through a protected tunnel. It makes your traffic private and no one will be able to check your traffic. Even your Internet Service Provider will not able to monitor your traffic. Your data will remain encrypted until you are in the VPN.

Top 10 VPN Services

There are plenty of VPNs available in the market and each has its own set of pros and cons. There are many factors you should consider while preferring a VPN. Speed, Reliability, Secure, Cost, and Distance Covered are the most important factors you should consider. Here is a list of Top 10 VPN Services which will be helpful for you:

1. ExpressVPN

Maximum Devices Supported: 3
Number of Servers: 1800+
IP Addresses: 30,000
Server Locations: 148

Top 10 VPN Services | Pros & Cons

ExpressVPN | Top 10 VPN Services | Pros & Cons

ExpressVPN stands tall in the Top 10 VPN service listing. It is the best all-around VPN service especially for its speed, privacy and unblocking. The ExpressVPN provides you 145 locations across 94 countries. The ExpressVPN is not a cheap one but clients will get what they had paid for. They come with Bulletproof encryption, very high speed, responsive customer support and a reliable access to the famous sites.

The Servers are located around the globe with a range of options on famous location, particularly in the United States. It is available for Windows, Linux, MAC, Plus iOS, Android and Blackberry as well. They give you more than what they get from you. The positives are their encryption strength, security protocols, and much more features.


  • Strong on Privacy
  • Ultra Speed VPN Servers
  • Rated 9.98% out of 10 by 3000 reviewers
  • Consistent high performance


  • A bit expensive than other VPN Providers
  • Supports only 3 connection

2. IPVanish

Maximum Devices Supported: 5
Number of Servers: 950+
IP Addresses: 40,000+
Server Locations: 60+

Top 10 VPN Services | Pros & Cons

IPVanish | Top 10 VPN Services | Pros & Cons

Another VPN which is famous for its speed and reliability is IPVanish. It was launched in the year 2012 by Highwinds Network Group. Later in February 2017, Highwinds was acquired by Stackpath. The IPVanish VPN is very fast and is used for file sharing, gaming, and streaming. The IPVanish apps are powerful and at the same time, it is hard to use.

The cost of the IPVanish is higher than the average VPN. But IPVanish’s choice of locations, high speeds, and excellent clients are very hard to beat. If you are looking for a VPN provider with great quality, then IPVanish will be the best choice. If you are not happy, then there’s a 7-day money-back guarantee which you could utilize as well.


  • East to get optimal connections
  • Good for P2P applications
  • Excellent upload and download speeds


  • No Free trails
  • Short refund period
  • Lacking Customer Support

3. VyprVPN

Maximum Devices Supported: 3-5
Number of Servers: 700+
IP Addresses: 200,000+
Server Locations: 73

Top 10 VPN Services | Pros & Cons

VyprVPN | Top 10 VPN Services | Pros & Cons

The VyprVPN servers are incorporated away from the reach of US and EU jurisdictions. They are incorporated at the privacy-friendly Switzerland. The VyprVPn comes out with a strong privacy and security features making it one of the best VPN. The VyprVPn also features impressive speeds at particular locations like the US.

The VyprVPN app is simple to use and they are offering a degree of configuration and powerful features. The VyprVPN also helps us to select a range of locations with the additional option of selecting specific US cities as well. The VyprVPN is also available in China which makes it as a strong choice for anyone who is affected by great firewall.


  • Fast Performance
  • Value annual plans
  • Based in Switzerland
  • NAT firewall included


  • Premium plans required for best features
  • Monthly plans are dearer
  • Logs data for 30 days

4. NordVPN

Maximum Devices Supported: 6
Number of Servers: 2029
IP Addresses: N/A
Server Locations: 61

Top 10 VPN Services | Pros & Cons

NordVPN | Top 10 VPN Services | Pros & Cons

NordVPN is based on from the privacy-friendly Panama. The NordVPN is a very strong all-rounder. The NordVPn service comes with a very attractive price point. They offer you a great value for the money you spend. The choice of servers are broad enough and they are impressively deep in key locations like US, UK, and other European countries.

The NordVPN is very consistent at high speeds and it is very easy to use with a very easy installation. It also shines on privacy and security front. Importantly, it operates with the zero logs policy. The mobile applications are not up to the mark compared to its desktop application. The mobile application lacks some power setting which is available in the desktop version.


  • Reliable and fast speed across servers
  • Privacy features are brilliant
  • Works up to 6 devices


  • Best servers are too busy during peak time
  • Other security protocols must be activated outside the apps

5. TunnelBear

Maximum Devices Supported: 5
Number of Servers: 1000
IP Addresses: N/A
Server Locations: 20+

Top 10 VPN Services | Pros & Cons

TunnelBear | Top 10 VPN Services | Pros & Cons

TunnelBear is based on from Canada which offers one of the better free VPNs along with a paid version. TunnelBear gives you an offer if your website themed with the bear or if it contains cartoon bears or bears related puns. The TunnelBear VPN is beat for VPN beginners and they also provide few interesting features.

The TunnelBear provides a free plan with a 500MB monthly data cap. But if you go for a paid plan, then there are no refunds available. The total server network is very small with server locations in only 20 countries. If you are using a distance server then the speed is quite disappointing as well.


  • Simple VPN which is accessible by anyone
  • Free plan users can tweet for extra 1GB
  • Some Privacy features are cool


  • It is installed in Canada (Privacy-Unfriendly)
  • Long distance connections are slower

6. Windscribe

Maximum Devices Supported: Unlimited
Number of Servers: 348
IP Addresses: N/A
Server Locations: 50

Top 10 VPN Services | Pros & Cons

Windscribe | Top 10 VPN Services | Pros & Cons

Windscribe was launched in the year 2016 with a strong privacy feature. It is based on from Canada which is not a privacy-friendly location. But better than some locations. The Windscribe self-describes as “Human-Friendly” privacy policy. The speed is consistent across popular locations and IP addresses except for Australia where the speed is below average.

Recent updates convey that Windscribe is now working with Netflix on desktop and Android as well. They offer city-level servers in many locations with most coverage in the US and Europe. Also, It allows you to have unlimited connections which are not present in most of the VPN providers. It also allows extra privacy features such as an ad-blocker which adds extra points for Windscribe.


  • Ad-Blocking feature
  • Works well with Netflix
  • Free plan with 10GB of monthly data


  • No Livechat feature available
  • Based on from Canada

7. Hotspot Shield

Maximum Devices Supported: 5
Number of Servers: 2000
IP Addresses: N/A
Server Locations: 20

Top 10 VPN Services | Pros & Cons

Hotspot Shield | Top 10 VPN Services | Pros & Cons

The Hotspot Shield manages to provide all the VPN service features at an attractive price with an additional feature of getting a lifetime license. The Hotspot Shield allows “access all content” feature which also supports up to 5 devices. The Hotspot Shield provides high speeds at a low price.

The performance is consistent and a wider range of locations are available. The Hotspot Shield’s best value for money is its 1-year subscription. Both the upload speeds and download speeds are little faster once they are connected. Many features are included in the paid plan.


  • Low Price
  • Download Speed is good
  • 7-Day free trial


  • Server locations are few

8. KeepSolid VPN Unlimited

Maximum Devices Supported: 5
Number of Servers: 1000+
IP Addresses: N/A
Server Locations: 70+

Top 10 VPN Services | Pros & Cons

KeepSolid | Top 10 VPN Services | Pros & Cons

It is one of the VPNs which boasts an impressive performance. The KeepSolid VPN provider has a wide range of clients and it supports devices like Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android and Windows Phones. For other devices, setup instructions are provided as well. KeepSolid offers you a seven-day trail as well.

One minus is that the VPN doesn’t support torrents across its major servers. Only 5 servers support torrents. They also provide you a seven-day money-back guarantee with a choice of three price plans. It also includes a cheap lifetime offer.


  • Great range of clients
  • Speed is impressive
  • Bitcoins are supported


  • Bad for Torrent users

9. CyberGhost

Maximum Devices Supported: 5
Number of Servers: 1109
IP Addresses: N/A
Server Locations: 44

Top 10 VPN Services | Pros & Cons

CyberGhost | Top 10 VPN Services | Pros & Cons

The CyberGhost Pro is a brand new VPN service originated from a Rumanian-based provider which was launched in 2011. The CyberGhost was acquired by Crossrider PLC in March 2017. The new version is famous for its free plan but is very restricted as well. It provides you a much improved and interesting approach to the VPN Experience.

Speed and Performance is its major strength and it is one of the top tier high-performance VPN. It is growing its server network and currently covered almost 56 countries. It comes with a special feature called Block-Track feature. The customer support is really good with quick live chat responses and emails as well.


  • No Logging
  • Fast Performance
  • Anti-Malware
  • No Tracking


  • The browser extension is not available
  • Torrenting not available for US users

10. ZenMate

Maximum Devices Supported: N/A
Number of Servers: N/A
IP Addresses: N/A
Server Locations: 30+

Top 10 VPN Services | Pros & Cons

Zenmate | Top 10 VPN Services | Pros & Cons

Zenmate is one of the Top 10 VPN providers in the world. It is a simple and easy-to-use VPN application on your desktop or on your mobile device. They offer you basic protection and privacy. Zenmate is based on from Germany and it was launched in the year 2013. Initially, it was started as a browser extension and now it is available for almost all the platforms.

The Zenmate VPN is famous for its speed and performance. It has an attractive interface and would benefit more from the desktop version. As far as customer support is concerned, Zenmate has no live chat option and the email response is very patchy.


  • Single-Button VPN
  • Browser Extension with smart effects
  • Unlimited free account


  • Poor Performance in speed tests
  • Bad Customer Support

Hope this article Top 10 VPN Service Providers helped you choose the best VPN provider for you. Thanks for reading the post!

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