Reading through a long page with the content you like is interesting but getting back to the top is always annoying. So in this article today let us see how to set up a smooth scroll to top button on your website using a WordPress plugin. As it is very important to make your blog readers comfortable and back to top button plugins play a vital role here. Yes, you can reach the top of the page by using the Home button of your keyboard, but most of the visitors find it quite distracting. On the contrary, if your site attracts more visitors from the mobile devices you cannot opt for this feature. Now not having a scroll to top button on your website could leave a negative impact on your webpage.

Scroll to Top Button Plugins 2019

Scroll to Top Button Plugins 2019

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Nowadays, most of the premium themes come with a back to top button built in as it has become one of the top priorities in design these days. Not to worry if your theme doesn’t have a back to top button, scroll below to learn how to get one for your blog. Listed below are the top and best Scroll to Top Button plugins for your site.

WPFront Scroll Top

The WPFront Scroll Top helps your website visitors reach the top easily with a single click. Once you install and activate the plugin, you will find the options to configure it. The plugin also facilitates to auto-hide when not used for a specific of time. You can set any image or text as the scroll to top button using the WPFront Scroll Top plugin.

Download WPFront Scroll Top

Easy Smooth Scroll Links

The Easy Smooth Scroll Links scroll to top button plugin has a lot of features with it. In the settings, you can change the offset value and the scroll speed reaching the top. There are more than 30 animations for you to choose for your blog. The plugin also supports shortcodes which helps you exclude certain anchors. It also gives you the flexibility of placing it anywhere you need to.

Download Easy Smooth Scroll Links

Scroll Back To Top

The Scroll Back To Top WordPress plugin appears only when the user scrolls to the bottom of the page. The plugin offers a wide range of customizations, animations, button positions and more.

Download Scroll Back To Top

Dynamic “To Top” Plugin

The Dynamic “To Top” Plugin plugin has an intuitive control panel to make changes to your back to top button. The scroll to top button only appears for JS enabled browsers and can be disabled for mobile visitors if not needed.

Download Dynamic “To Top” Plugin

jQuery Smooth Scroll

The jQuery Smooth Scroll is a multipurpose scroll to top plugin that offers many features. Apart from the back to top button on browsers it also helps you convert your anchor texts to links. You can easily edit and customize your button with some css/js code edit.

Download jQuery Smooth Scroll

Smooth Scroll Up

The Smooth Scroll Up is a free and lightweight plugin that integrates with your WordPress easily. The plugins lets you change and modify the back to top button with its control panel. Also, it has different types of button option such as text link button, Image button, tab button etc.

Download Smooth Scroll Up

Simple Scroll To Top

The Simple Scroll To Top plugin is a professional looking plugin that enables smooth back to top functionality. The initial setup of the plugin is so simple that all you need to do is to activate the plugin and it takes care of the rest.

Download Simple Scroll To Top

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Hope this article helped you out in setting up a scroll to top button on your WordPress site. Comment below your queries if any.