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Everyone can make money from websites and it’s not so tough. Turn your hobby blog into a million dollar website is so simple, all you need is some hard work and a bit of luck. At the least, you will be able to pay your basics like hosting, domain, etc. Go below to read How to Make Money from a Website.

Make Money From a Website

Make Money From a Website

The money-making strategies from a website listed below ranges from very simple ones to things that require loads of hard work. Let’s discuss the most popular and proven ways of money making from your website below but before that, if you don’t have one then How to Create a Website | A Complete Guide by a Web Developer.

10 Ways to Monetize your Website | How to Make Money From a Website

These are the best 10 ways to earn money from our website. There are also many other ways to monetize your site but it is better to start earning with these methods as most of the people use these methods to earn money.

1. Pay-Per-Click Advertising

The pay-per-click advertising which is commonly known as PPC advertising or marketing is one such model in which advertisers will pay you for every click made on their ads. And Adwords are the best advertisers for the PPC model. Adwords are the advertisements that show up on Google every time you search for something. On the other side, Adsense allows publishers (bloggers and website owners) to get into Google’s advertising network so that the advertisers can run ads on your website.

Make Money From a Website

Make Money From a Website

Setting up PPC using Google Adsense is very simple. Once you sign up with Google you get get a code to place on your website which will identify your content and display ads according to it. For example, if your website is regarding gadget reviews, your visitors will get displayed with gadgets they had searched recently and you will get paid for every click they make.

If you plan accordingly and gain traffic, you could earn hundreds of (or even thousands) dollars each month.

2. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the most popular way to earn money from your blog or website in recent times.

Make Money From a Website

Make Money From a Website

In this digital era, everyone has seamless access to the smartphones and internet. So that people could easily find a product online go through its pros and cons and go for it. Thus if you have can promote a product a product from your website and make people go for it, then affiliate marketing could be the perfect choice for you.

Keep on promoting your products and website through email or push notifications. You can also offer them a deal for buying it from your website. So for every purchase, your visitors make by following your affiliate link, you will get your part. The commission in the affiliate marketing is not the PPC model which we discussed earlier, instead, you will get somewhere around 30% to as high as 70%. For instance, if you promote a product that costs $100 and if the commission is 30%, you get $30 for every purchase.

To begin with Affiliate Marketing

There are many websites that promote affiliate marketing by availing products for bloggers to endorse. You can easily join in such website and start endorsing products to earn with affiliate marketing. Some of the most popular websites are,

ShareASale – Clothes, accessories, and everything

Rakuten – One of the oldest affiliate networks with the best payout

Commission Junction – Reliable products with on-time payments

Clickbank – High percentage on payouts but lack of reliable products to promote

Amazon Associates – One of the largest affiliate networks with easy setup

3. Sell Ad Space

Make Money From a Website

Make Money From a Website

If you are a website owner and if you want to make money from your traffic then start monetizing your site with Google Adsense or DoubleClick Ad Exchange(ADX). In this case, publishers are given wide access to place advertisements. Choose your own ad size and it is you who is going to decide the ads to your website.

Google Adsense is one such way to sell ad space, you can also do this by contacting a company directly and sell you ad space. Rate your ad space differently according to your site’s layout and that fix prices like banner ads, top ads, sidebar ads, You can also price ads according to visitors.

Te payments are made according to the number of visitors you get. It is measured in CPM which means as a dollar amount per one thousand impressions. Needless to say, if your site has low traffic then don’t expect too much on your earnings.

The other common method is to simple redirecting to another website with your ad space. Name a product or website and get paid according to the clicks you get.

Where can I sell my website’s ad space?

BuySellAds – Most popular and high pay rates compared to Adsense.

Chitika – Good and reliable

4. Sell Your Own Digital Product

Hate these middlemen and commissions between you and the buyer which you feel the reason for low payments. Then start selling products directly from your website and make the most money out of it.

Make Money From a Website

Make Money From a Website

The process is straightforward that you can straightway sell products to your customers directly and earn instantly, but that’s not so simple!

Selling good products requires a lot of time and additional resources. Also there a lot of hidden cost factors that affect your earnings. You will have to set up payment gateways(commissions again), take care of shipping (provide notifications on time), support and taxes(direct and indirect).

Before all these, you will need a well-designed landing page to have a good conversion rate hence conversion rates are the main criteria in succeding with monetizing your website.

5. Accept Sponsored Posts and Articles

Make Money From a Website

Make Money From a Website

There are some different ways to make money from your website after you believe that you have earned enough regular visitors to your site. Steady traffic could pay more for your hard work when you accept sponsored posts. This is called as Native advertising. Because many companies look for featuring their content with a website that has more relevant and transparent content.

Review, rate and promote the products or contents in an advertorial way. Meaning that you to feature the content partly and advertise it partly. For example, if your website is regarding independent music, the band or the music company would love to feature their album in your website and would like to have your review about their apps to your visitors.

6. Accept Donations From Your Visitors

Do you have a strong and engaging community for your website or blog, then ask your readers to donate. It is not a way to earn money but can help you with your expenses in a short term.

Make Money From a Website

Make Money From a Website

If your visitors like what you share and want to support you with your journey, this will work for you. Many payment gateways are available that offers you to set up Donate buttons. PayPal offers you a little donate button that takes not more than ten minutes to set up on your website. This could help you with your spend on web hosting, products, research and other expenses.

7. Grow your ‘Email List’

Make Money From a Website

Make Money From a Website

You could find one thing that every blog growth tip providers repeat, its nothing but to grow your list. The list refers to your email list that contains your regular and loyal visitors. The aim to convert your first-time visitors or strangers into passionate followers who want to long for your blog posts and work. This also ensures your visitors to stay up to date with your latest work.

To point out this is not a short-term strategy to earn money, instead, it takes a lot of time and effort to gain followers. But it is one of the best methods to gain long-term followers to your site and also a way to maintain visitors to your site.

Also, don’t spam your readers by simply dodging them with your emails. Develop trust with your followers and it can help you grow your blog faster.

8. Set up an E-Commerce Site

Make Money From a Website

Make Money From a Website

An E-Commerce website can be a good start for making money online. The website need not always be content oriented to earn money. Sell tools or products online and get paid instantly.

It doesn’t mean that you have to develop a new e-commerce site, you could turn your site into an e-commerce site as you have a fan base who follows regularly your product reviews and demos.

Keep in mind that there are literally thousands of E-Commerce sites out there on the web for every single product. So, ensure that you have a unique design, with pleasing deals and a fair pricing while creating one.

9. Generate ‘Leads’ for Companies

Make Money From a Website

Make Money From a Website

Companies are always in search of leads for their businesses. A creative way of lead generation could earn you a lot of money online with your website or blog.

If you have a website about educational videos and brainstorm for students, many schools or organizations would love to sell theri courses online to students who are ready to take up courses.

It is like connecting the buyer and the supplier and make them benefit which could generate you money. This is similar to affiliate marketing but the difference is that it doesn’t matter if your visitor ends up buying the product. The companies just need a lead, that’s it.

10. Flip Your Websites

Make Money From a Website

Make Money From a Website

There is always a market for your website. This method is just to make a quick buck for you and not intended for long-term earing. If you had successfully sold some products on your website and had sold ad space.

It is not necessary that you could sell your own domain or website, you can create one and sell that too. How much can I earn by flipping? If your website is making $1000 per month then you could sell your site for $10000 to $20000 which is about 10tims your monthly profit.

Where can I sell my site?

We Buy Websites – Popular marketplace for selling websites

Flippa – Popular and legitimate

FEinternational – For high-end websites

These are some of the most popular way used to make money with your website or blog. There are also many other ways by which you could earn money from your website.