How to Compress Image Size: Images play an important role in the world of SEO as well. We tend to create or modify the images and upload those to our site to make our website a user-friendly one. Images also play a vital role in ranking our website in Google. The size of the images determines the load time of the image. If the size is more, then the image takes time to load. Hence, it is very essential to reduce the size of the image without losing it quality. There are many tools available to reduce the size of the images.

Why should we compress Images?

Generally, everyone wants their website to load faster. The load time of the website depends on the size of the images as well. If the image size is high, then the load time of the webpage will also take time. Hence it is essential to compress the images before uploading those in the websites. There are plenty of ways to compress images.

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How to Compress Image Size without Losing Quality

There are three important categories for compressing images. They are as follows:

  • Online Image Compressing
  • Offline Image Compressing
  • Automatically Compress images which are already uploaded

Online Image Compressing

Website builders are mostly available online and online way of compressing images will be one of the easiest ways. There are plenty of websites available which compresses our images. You have to upload the images online and the online compression takes few seconds after which the images are ready to be downloaded. Below is an example of Online Image compression:


Tinypng is one of the famous online image compression tools. Here is how to compress images using Tinypng:

  1. Go to Tinypng
  2. Drag the images to the webpage or browse for the images by clicking on the drop button (You can drag up to 20 images for free images)
  3. Once uploaded, the website starts compressing the image
  4. Once the compression is completed, if prompts for download. You can download individually or as bulk as well
How to Compress Image Size without Losing Quality

Tinypng – How to Compress Image Size

If you “Go Pro” for compressing more images at a time.

There are plenty of similar websites like Tinypng. You can compress using any one of those. This is an online way of Image compression.

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Offline Image Compressing

Offline image compressing is through the apps installed in your PC or laptop. There are quite a few common tools which are used by most of us. Below are few examples of Offline Image compression:

Adobe Photoshop (Paid Version)

Adobe Photoshop is the most popular image editing tool available in the world. It contains many features which can change your images into anything. The paid version gives more features than the free one. Here is how to compress image size without losing its quality.

  1. Open Adobe Photoshop
  2. Open the image you want to compress
  3. Now click file -> export -> Save for web (Legacy)

    How to Compress Image Size without Losing Quality

    Adobe Photoshop – How to Compress Image Size

  4. Now select JPG in the drop-down and adjust the quality as you wish
  5. You can preview the output image along with the size

    How to Compress Image Size without Losing Quality

    Adobe Photoshop – How to Compress Image Size

This feature is available in the paid version only.

GIMP (Free)

GIMP is a free and an open source software which is available for Linux, windows and mac. You can use GIMP to compress images without losing the quality. Here is how to  compress image size using GIMP:

  1. Open GIMP
  2. Now open the image you want to compress
  3. Click File -> “Export as”
  4. Now click Export, it will open a new window
  5. In this window, you can select the quality by adjusting the dragger
  6. It shows the preview and the size of the images as well
How to Compress Image Size without Losing Quality

GIMP – How to Compress Image Size

GIMP is available for free and you can use it.


Compressing image using Whatsapp is being used by most of the people nowadays. You can take an image and send it to someone to compress it. It is one of the fastest ways of compressing an image. You can use to download the images on your laptop or PC. Image quality is not broken by using Whatsapp.

Automatically Compress uploaded images

If your site contains many unoptimised images, don’t worry about it. You can easily optimise it by using few techniques. Here are the most commonly used ways:

Google PageSpeed Insights

You can also optimise the unoptimised images using Google PageSpeed Insights. Here is how to compress image size using Google PageSpeed Insights:

  1. Go to Google PageSpeed Insights
  2. Enter the URL of your webpage
  3. Google will analyse your webpage and give you the results
  4. You can download the optimized images (See the image below)
  5. Unzip the folder and take the images
  6. Login to your backend using FTP and upload the images in the respective directories
How to Compress Image Size without Losing Quality

Google PageSpeed Insights – How to Compress Image Size

Make sure you do it in a right way as this is a little tricky process to do.

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EWWW Image Optimizer

If you are using WordPress, then WordPress plugins might help you as well. One of the most used plugins is EWWW Image Optimizer. Here is how to compress Image size using EWWW Image Optimizer:

  1. In your WordPress dashboard, go to plugins
  2. Click Add Plugins
  3. Search for EWWW Image Optimizer and click Install
  4. Now click “Activate” button
  5. Then Go to Media -> Bulk Optimize
  6. Now click Scan for unoptimized images

It takes some time to scan your entire website. Once it is scanned, click “Start Optimizing“. It will optimize the images on the entire website.

These are the ways to compress images without losing quality. Thanks for reading the post!

Please comment if you have any other technique to compress images!

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